God blesses through the Earth

On his email devotional, Don Ruhl wrote (was that today?):

The Earth reacts to the presence of man. If man blesses its Creator, the Earth responds favorably, but if man curses its Creator, the Earth does not respond favorably. Let us bless and obey God that He might bless us through the Earth.

Don has turned his newsletter-style email into a discussion list. I chimed in on it with this:

Fascinating thought, this, Don. Considering the earth was made to be man’s place of habitation in the universe, created for that specific purpose, we might indeed expect that God would use the earth as blessing or curse, notwithstanding the “natural” disasters that occur by chance. Of course, it can never again provide us that full blessing since it was cursed by God himself upon Adam’s sin. So that’s why we await a new heaven and earth. Thanks, again, for a good thought.

We’ve automated the Forthright Press Twitter account, so now Don’s email devotionals are showing up on it. Hope it drives you some traffic your way, brother.

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