God doesn’t randomly pick

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

How blessed is the one whom you choose, and allow to live in your palace courts. May we be satisfied with the good things of your house – your holy palace. Psalm 65.4

Blessed means happy. The man that God chooses is happy. God does not look down and randomly pick those whom he wants. He has had a plan since the beginning of time. That plan was to send Jesus his son to die on the cross for man’s redemption. Jesus came to earth to make God the father known to man. He taught that if you know the son then you know the father. We have the phrase “Like father, like son.” Jesus revealed to us who God is and what he wants of us. In John 8, Jesus said that he knew the Father and that he obeyed him. The Jews did not know him because they did not obey him. In John 8.47 Jesus said that the one who belongs to God listens and responds to God’s words. This is the man that God chooses. This is the man that is happy!

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