The God Who Fits

God Is LoveAt the heart of the Christian message is God’s love. That sounds like a commonplace, doesn’t it? That love, however, is multi-faceted and not so slick or easy as many would make it. Discipline is a subset of his love, for example, not a popular subject today. (See Hebrews 12.)

• In his first epistle, John coupled God’s love with his light, or holiness, which he mentions before the former. Two twin-star affirmations about God: God is light; God is love. One without the other is, may we say?, useless. Let us not whittle the God Who Is down to a God Who Fits.

• On the phrase, “God is light,” in 1 John 1.5, the NLT Study Bible says, “In John, ‘light’ represents God’s holiness and revelation. It is the opposite of false teaching and undisciplined living, which is ‘darkness’ (1:6).” Well said. God is light, God is right.

• So did Jesus have a wife or not? I didn’t even bother to read the news reports on the idiot Harvard prof, just saw the headlines. (Does “idiot” equal “Raca”? Hope not—oops, NLT translates it that way.) One this morning says that whatever document he touted as proof has been revealed as a forgery. Will they never learn?

• Just because a Harvard prof says it, doesn’t mean it ought to be believed. In fact, if a Harvard prof says it, take it with a very large grain of salt. Education is good, but it often leads away from the truth of Scripture. Just look at most of our so-called Christian colleges.

• Brad Harrub has been ferreting out whether or not Christian college teachers believe in, and teach, evolution. A good number of them do. If you can’t get Genesis 1 right, most everything else goes down the tubes as well. Including God’s love.

• Hugh Fulford today talks about sermons on hell. People who know the real love of God preach on hell. After all, Jesus did. Hell ought to factor in to our decision to follow Christ. Hell makes us appreciate the depth of the love of God, the cost of that love. Isn’t that what the most popular verse in the Bible says? It references perishing in hell, too. And a great way to end any post.

For this is the way God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3.16 NET

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