God gave (them) up

Isn’t it interesting how some people try to use the defense, “I didn’t know,” when trying to avoid the guilt of sin?

The overwhelming idea is that people can’t be held accountable for their sins because they didn’t know they were sinning to begin with. Is there any evidential support for this?

In Romans 1:21ff, the Apostle Paul wrote the Gentiles had no claim to innocence before God just because they had no covenant with the Supernal One. In the beginning, all mankind knew who God was and what he had said to them. But, instead of respecting God’s word, they gave the eternal up.

God had no choice. He won’t force anyone to accept his will. This doesn’t mean, however, men are not amenable to it. So, God gave them up to four things, all of which had one or more terrible consequences.

God gave them up to impurity, or uncleanness and lust (Romans 1:24). The consequence for giving up God is dishonor. These people bereft of God’s leadership, left purity and became so unclean of mind that they followed their lusts. This change of mind led directly to idolatry, the discounting of God and the replacement of him with the most disgusting misrepresentations possible. They began serving created things rather than the actual Creator. What a mistaken transaction!

God gave them up to dishonorable passion, or vile affection. When God is taken out of the picture, man loses the only governing rule he could have. The consequence for this is the acceptance of evils like homosexuality (Romans 1:26f). Without the standard for right and wrong, men blurred the line because they didn’t really care what is right or wrong.

God gave them over to a reprobate, or debased, mind. What Paul means is described and defined in Romans 1:29-31. Now, with no God, men were allowed to throw off the limiting power or good and become whatever they wanted to be, and think whatever they wanted to think. Now, rules are gone and situation ethics is the “law.”

What did man have after he gave up on God and God gave him up? We have the world as it is today. Recognize it ?

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