He's knockin' on our noggin

Seven times in eight verses the author of Psalm 121 uses some form of the word “protect.” He’s knockin’ on our noggin to remind us that the Lord will indeed protect his people. He winds up covering all the bases:

The LORD will protect you from all harm;
he will protect your life.
The LORD will protect you in all you do,
now and forevermore (Psa 121.7-8 NET).

From all harm. In all you do. All the time. Bad things may still happen. Persecution will come. Illness will still befall us. But our integrity will not be breached. Our faith will be strengthened. Our relationship with God will grow continually.

As a psalm of pilgrimage, the author’s work assures the obedient Israelite that his joy will not be diminished by the dangers of the trip to Jerusalem to celebrate one of the yearly feasts. When we set ourselves to obey the Lord, he will pave the way.

I counted “you” or “yours” some eight times. God gets personal. He knows you’re there. He knows you’re coming. His hand will keep you.

Before you step out of your house, remember that he is present to protect you. Go with joy.

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