God Speaks to Preachers During the Sermon?

I have been following what some on the attendees are saying about the Tulsa Workshop on Twitter. Here is one quote from one of the Tulsa speakers that is astounding in its audacity.

“Preachers, when preparing your notes leave some gaps in case God has something he wants to say.” ~ Terry Rush

Wow.  I expect no Biblical authority is needed when you expect God to speak directly to you! Paul told Timothy to “Preach the Word” (2 Timothy 4:2).  This faith, this Word, has been delivered to us and we hold it in our hands (Jude 3; 2 Timothy 3:16-17). Sadly, though, it is not in enough hearts and heads (Hosea 4:6).

May we pray that these influences will not spread and that we can be strong and resist them. Progressing past the Word of God is a deadly activity. We must know the Word and teach and defend it.

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