Godly friends and potential friendships

• I started this morning about 4:30 a.m. Posted, I think, on all sites in English and Portuguese, except, of  course, on Forthright Mag, since it’s not my day. I’m going to bed down early tonight.

• Took a break tonight to watch a movie with wife and daughter and eat some non-vegetarian pizza. Mike Hughes would be proud.

• The comments are still a problem. No word yet from WP staff. Not a good sign. I’m considering changing themes, again, since it seems to be related to the P2 theme we use.

• Did I mention — I’ve written so much lately everywhere, I don’t remember — that online business cards are getting popular? So I put mine up, where I’d had something similar long time ago. Check it out here. [UPDATE: See the new and improved one here.] There are sites that do this, but I wasn’t impressed with them. It also has a vCard for automatic download of information.

• I was counting my blessings today, among them so many godly friends who just by their example and dedication inspire and encourage me. Many of them are Fellows here. I wish we had more opportunity to spend time together. But such is the nature of this earthly life. I look forward to eternity with them all.  With you all.

• Some potential friendships never turn out. Ever have one of those? It seems to start out wonderfully, then somewhere along the way it sours. Maybe I wasn’t what they expected. Maybe something in their lives went awry. Maybe it was just distance, time, priorities, or other factors. The feeling of disappointment lingers.

• Here’s a last thought, and best, considering the source: “Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD” (Psa 89:15 NEB).

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