God’s kingdom: no competitors need apply

Church competitionOver the weekend Dennis Ritchie died. He invented the computer languages on which Steve Jobs built his empire. But Ritchie isn’t getting the hubbub that Jobs did. So what does the world do? Bicker about who deserves more credit. (Read comments, for example, at link above.) Isn’t that typical? You know what saints in the kingdom of God do. They praise the Lord for every person’s contribution and for the Lord distributing his various gifts among his people. No competition mars the kingdom of God. On its door hangs the sign, “Competitors not welcome here.” Nor cheerleaders of others’ worthiness, for that matter.

• I’ve gotten the itch again. No, not that kind, but the tinkering itch. I blame it on my mom, who used to (not anymore) move the house furniture around every few weeks and drafted me to help. But I have reasons. (Which came first: the reason or the itch?)

  • First, I’m frustrated with recurrent problems on my personal site.
  • Weylan found a large pizza ad on my ministry website, hosted by wordpress.com, which also hosts TFR.
  • Also, I’m getting increasingly disaffected with Facebook’s information harvesting and feature creep, though I’ll not abandon it completely for the Lord’s sake. I’d love to see Diaspora develop further, it’s already a decent option, so I’m working it. Don’t even get me started about the spookiness of Google+. But, yeah, I’m on there, too.
  • And, the defunct Christian Poets site had some software to dissolve into virtual air; attempts to get the domain moved (in process) also got me to thinking of another (vain?) attempt at resurrecting it, so I made a halting start. Wanna join?

Instead of bellyaching (despite your conclusions as to what I’m doing here), I tinker.

• The most wonderful thought of wisdom occurred during the night, or before eyes closed in slumber (that takes about two minutes). But this morning said thought has vanished into darkest, deepest jungle, apparently never to be discovered again. Why are the best thoughts those we lost?

• I love wikis (think, WikiPedia, though a bad example). Dozens of wiki software clones exist, though not all have kept up with the Web 2.0. I’ve used DokuWiki among others. (Still do for this Brazilian site.) Many people just don’t seem to get them. I’m checking out several others, again, like TikiWiki, which I’d tested a few years back and seems to have come a long way. Thinking out loud here.

• Speaking of the Christian Poets site, keep watching for a poem about the Lord’s parables, if it ever gets finished. One line mentions that ignorance is not so much the tragedy we think it is, remedied by education, but hostility toward God’s revelation, signaling mankind’s rejection of the Creator. It’s not that we can’t know, but we don’t want to know.

Have a great weekend and a blessed First Day!

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