God’s simple wisdom

Brothers and sisters, wisdom is the principle thing. Let’s all be diligent to get wisdom. Our text today is 1 Corinthians 1:17-31. This particular passage is about two main concepts: the way man receives instruction about salvation and the nature of God’s wisdom in comparison to ours.

We would generally consider foolishness to be the opposite of wisdom. But verse 25 of our text says that God’s foolishness is wiser than any wisdom which man might believe he had captured.

Of course, God is never foolish. But that which God has done to provide our salvation, which seems foolish to man, is wiser than all the wisdom which the ages of man has been able to concoct.

Consider that the “sages” like Aristotle, Socrates, Plato constantly tried to explain the meaning of man and were never able to even come to consensus, let alone correctness. The “great” religious leaders of centuries past have only confused mankind about the right way to heaven by the establishment of multiple religions. Believing that they were capable of helping God’s plan, multiple new creeds and commandments have been written causing many to turn away from religion altogether and millions others to assure themselves even though they are outside the salvation of God.

God’s simple wisdom is: Salvation is through obedience to the Savior. The plan is disseminated to the world through preaching.

Brothers and sisters, let’s preach (spread the gospel). But let’s preach the simple message. Let’s not believe that we must embellish it in order to make it palatable to man. An embellished gospel cannot save. Let’s not ignore parts of it. The violation of even one point constitutes breaking the law of God (James 2:10). And, let’s not fail to preach it. That is the wisdom of God.

Mike Glenn

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