God’s Word

Rising Joy by Vicki Matheny

The grass dries up, the flowers wither, but the decree of our God is forever reliable. Isaiah 40.8

Most things do not last forever. After a period of time, the object will begin to deteriorate. I am finding this to be true while decluttering many things in our home. Things I had saved for my children and grandchildren are no longer able to be used due to age and sitting unused.

However, there is something that lasts and remains true, God’s word. Jesus taught his disciples that the word that he had spoken would judge people on the last day and that those words were those that God commanded him to speak, John 12.48-49. In Hebrews 4.12, God’s word is described as living and active. His word accomplishes what it says that it will do, Isaiah 55.11. It equips making the one who follows it to be capable of every good work, 2 Timothy 3.16-17.

May I store his word in my heart.

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