Going to Church

 I saw this today in the  on line  bulletin of the  Laings (OH) Church of Christ, Bro. Mark Tonkery, preachers–   it is  By Mary Jane Kurtz

When I was a young, single mom with four children, it was difficult to get them all ready for church on Sunday. One particular Sunday morning as the children started to complain and squabble, I stomped from one room to the other, saying out loud why it was important we go to church as a family and have a good attitude. Suddenly, I noticed all four children huddled together and laughing. “What’s so funny?” I asked. “Mom,” they said, “every time you slam down your foot, smoke comes out. It must be the wrath of God!” In reality, it was the powder I had sprinkled in my shoes. But it worked. We made it to church that morning and practically every Sunday thereafter.