Going to Miss Heaven?

People tell me Hawaii is so beautiful it would be a shame to have lived and not to have seen it.

There is no doubt that Hawaii has great scenic beauty, but it is possible to live a fulfilled and rich life on earth and die without seeing it. When it comes to living and dying and not seeing heaven, well, that’s different.

Why would anyone live in this world and suffer the myriad things this old world dishes out, reject God’s offer of pardon and redemption, and never see heaven?

But, people will miss heaven because they don’t think they can get there. There are those who believe the plan of salvation God has given is just too difficult to satisfy. Friend, calculus is too difficult. Obeying God is very simple. What is involved? Obedience. The problem many people have is not God’s plan, it is their own obedience to it. Going to heaven takes a desire to yield to God’s word and obey it (Romans 6:17).

Some will miss heaven because they don’t think they’ll ever be good enough to live there. Listen up: NONE of us will ever be good enough. We have all sinned (Romans 3:23). God, however, has made a way for us to go. All that is involved is for us to obey the gospel the same way people did in the first century (Acts 2:37-38) and live faithfully to God each day. Yes, we are going to sin. John said that anyone who says they don’t sin deceives themselves (1 John 1:8). God has given us his Son to continue cleansing us of sin (1 John 1:7, 9).

People will miss heaven because they don’t think they can change. Perhaps it is because they’re just too stubborn to try. Forgive me. It is not my intention to offend anyone, but there are those who don’t want to try to obey God and live in eternal bliss. Yes, it is difficult to believe, but the way they act it would seem so. Let me ask this: is it really wise for a person to remain set in their disobedience to God, refuse to obey him and suffer eternal condemnation? No. It isn’t. People have said, “Well, my way was good enough for mother and father; it’s good enough for me.” Unless your way is Jesus, it isn’t going to be good enough (John 14:6).

Friend, don’t miss heaven. Your Lord and Savior Jesus doesn’t want you to miss it. He died for your sins to give you the way to get there. Throughout history, God has done everything in his power to show the way. He sent his son to die so that you could go.

Miss Hawaii if you must. Just don’t miss going to eternal bliss and happiness in heaven. You can’t afford to stay away.