Going Viral in the Fibro World

I’ve now experienced just a taste of the Internet Viral train and I like it. How could you not? Having something you created spread around the Internet like wildfire is a heady feeling.

“Going Viral” is the most desirable thing on the Internet and people pursue it every day.

I made a card for Pinterest and I shared it on a Fibromyalgia site on Facebook. You can see the card below.

When my neurological problems began and I went to the Mayo Clinic and Brooks Pain Rehabilitation Center, I committed myself to helping others who suffer from chronic pain and after a later diagnosis, Fibromyalgia. This is part of that mission. I want to express things that I feel and hopefully do the same for others.

As of this post, this card has been liked 2,729 times and shared 2,702 times! Of course, this is far from viral numbers but within a certain community, it is noteworthy [to me]. 🙂

I had no idea it would resonate so much with people when I created this card. I was just experiencing several layers of exhaustion and wanted to express how I felt.

My point in this post is this: Imagine if we could catch the Internet Viral Train with the gospel! How many souls could be touched?  Give it some thought.

Within the brotherhood, and a group within that larger one, we all read and know the same people and read and study the same things. Having something go viral within that group would be good but somewhat redundant. What if we created something that went viral with a pointed Biblical truth that would cause people outside of our circle to come to Christ?

What would it be? How would we do that? Figure that out and doors blow open.

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