Good News

Some of you fellows and ladies know about our brother Jim Reyna in Mclean, TX. In May of 2006 he was informed by his doctor that there was nothing more to be done except a liver transplant to save him from dying of Hepatitis C. He received his transplant in Oct. 2009 and is being released from Baylor Univ. Med. Center in Dallas to go home on Friday. You can go to for more information as to what this brother in Christ has been through. The site does not include an intestinal bleeding incident where he lost more 1/2 his blood and the doctors told his wife to call the family in because they were afraid he wouldn’t survive. This was in early Oct. 2009 just be fore he got the call to tell him to come down to BUMC, as they had a liver on the way for him. This is one happy day.