Google’s new search feature, What Do You Love?

NEW SEARCH FEATURE. The title is suggestive. The service pulls together many of Google’s offerings in a different kind of search. Try it out. Our experiment was with “Christ” and “church.” You might find something of use to you in this new service.

MAVERICKS? Hugh Fulford has out a new News and Views ezine this morning, but it’s not yet on his new blog. Apparently, it’s not being updated simultaneously, but we might hope to see it shortly. Today’s topic is “Corralling the Churches of Christ.” Deals with some people’s efforts to shut up the churches in the denominational pen. Worth your time.

FERVENT PRAYER. Don Ruhl’s devotional yesterday morning was on prayer. Can we have too much emphasis on prayer? He encourages us to pray like Nehemiah.

FAMILY DEVOS. It appears that Joshua Pappas is providing a regular family devotional thought to the brethren at Highland Heights in Smyrna, Tenn. For families that may need a nudge, it seems to be a good move. Is the family devotional going the way of the dinosaurs? If it is, that might be contributing to problems in the church, do you think?

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