Gospel Advocate in PDF format, back to 1855

This tweet from Tom Childers: “We have been given the ok to make the Gospel Advocate publication available in PDF format all the way back to 1855.” That will be a tremendous work, both in time required to get it done, and in benefit to others.

• I added the Diaspora* social network to my online business card, plus a few other tweaks. Here’s one guy’s reason and approach to an online card. If you want to be social, but still control your data, check out Diaspora*.

• Patriarch Job may not be a good example to mention, certainly, he’s not typical, but doesn’t it seem that personal challenges, problems, and losses come in bunches or bundles?

• Somebody asked in an email group about “The Message” paraphrase of the New Testament. What I’ve read of it I found unsatisfying. It’s very loose, too much, in my mind, to be useful. A much better paraphrase is the 1962 edition of J.B. Phillips translation. It’s online.

Compromise• The Willow Creek association will host several leadership summits around Brazil this year. The Itu Church of Christ is partnering with the Presbyterian Church to host one in their city, and in their building (see image). The church is led by Antenor Gonçalves, who is sponsored by the Highland church in Abilene TX. Antenor cohosts a TV program with F.H. Gates. Gates is sponsored by the Henderson TN church. Sigh.

• I finished reading a Dale Brown novel today, set partly in Brazil. He must have used Google Translator for the Portuguese dialog (included to make it sound authentic, maybe?), because it was more often wrong than right. Released by a major publishing house, the book apparently had no editing whatsoever on the foreign language. Very annoying to read, for this Portuguese speaker.

• This morning, a friend posted on Facebook something to the effect that she was having a hard time focusing on, I suppose, her tasks for the day. Who can’t relate to that at times? Probably, we today have a harder time focusing because of the clamor of noise and intense competition for our attention. Seems that so much more is going on around us these days. Plus, we know about more with the 24/7 news cycle.

That reminds me of one of James Taranto‘s segments in “The Wall Street Journal,” where he uses media headlines to make jokes, called “Too Much Information.” A recent one was, “Beyonce Discusses Pregnancy and Her New Fragrance.” As if we care. I say, Beyonce Who? This time, better that Horton not hear a who.