Gospel and Internet

Zenit published yesterday an interview with the French Wikimedia Treasurer Delphine Ménard. It wasn’t clear if she is a layperson or religious in the Catholic Church. Here’s a part of that interview.

ZENIT: The Catholic Church announces one truth. At Wikipedia you try to give space to different “truths” or points of views. Is there a contradiction?

Ménard: Yes, I think there is a fundamental contradiction, and one we have to live with. Wikipedia really does not aim at presenting one truth, or even many truths, but rather aims at giving people as much solid information as they might need to form their own opinion, trying to achieve a “neutral presentation.” I suppose that is something that we all have to take into account, and I imagine, as a Wikipedian close to the Church told me, that to present the Gospel in this context is probably a challenge for the Church, as it is a challenge for Wikipedia to make sure that readers have factual information to base their reflexion on.

Each media has its unique challenges that must be considered. Weylan makes four suggestions for being a missionary to Facebook, which, if it were a country, would be the sixth largest in the world.

The interviewee above makes it clear that we have to accept less than ideal conditions often in order to get out our message. (She has her message; we have ours.) That is as it has always been. That’s what makes it fun.

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