Gospel Gleaner is back in print!

“The Gospel Gleaner has, for several decades, been a God-glorifying, Bible-centered, bold voice within churches of Christ. It was guided by the sound, steady hand of its Editor, Bill Dillon. When the print version ended a few years ago, there were many requests for even the back issues wherever I preached in a Gospel Meeting. Having written a column in it for a number of years, it is with great delight that I see it once again in print with Andy Erwin as Editor. He brings not only his devotion to the Bible, thorough scholarship, but also appreciation of soldiers of the cross regardless of their era. He will coordinate writers from across the Brotherhood into a paper like the coat Jesus wore, “without seam” (John 19:23). Moses’ invitation is appropriate for The Gospel Gleaner: “Come with us, and we will treat you well” (Numbers 10:29).” —–John T. Polk II, Dover, TN 



Dear Gospel Gleaner Subscribers,

Beginning January 2013, the Gospel Gleaner will be back in print on a monthly basis!

Our next issue will mark the Gleaner’s twenty-fifth year of publication, and a new look in many ways. You will now receive twelve issues of the Gleaner each year. You will find articles that deal with proper interpretation and application of the biblical text, the home, the church, denominational doctrines, ministry, and church history, among many others.

Single subscriptions are available for an annual rate of $10.00. Bundles are also available for churches and schools. Bundle rates are as follows:

  • Ø For a quantity of 10 – $10.00 per month ($120 per year)
  • Ø For a quantity of 25 – $20.00 per month ($240 per year)
  • Ø For a quantity of 50 – $30.00 per month ($360 per year)
  • Ø For a quantity of 100 – $40.00 per month ($480 per year)

Make your checks payable to:

The Gospel Gleaner Company

3778 CR 33

Killen, AL 35645

Thank you for your continued support!

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