“Gospel Gleaner” On line

On May 4, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 1 of the Gospel Gleaner went  “live.”  The  long-time  editor is Bill Dillon.  Staff writers who had articles in this  first  “on-line” edition were as  follows: Bill Dillon, John T Polk II, Guy Hester, Ron Thomas, Grady Miller, Tim Hester, Ron Bryant  and  Ernest Underwood.  Also, I, Larry Miles,  had an article. I am the “Web Servant.”  I want to thank, Tim Hester and Johnny Polk , along  with the  above brethren  for their help.

We are  asking that those  who contribute to,  or  read “The Fellowship Room,” that  you take  time  to visit the Gospel Gleaner “On Line.”    You can make  comments on the vaarious articles and  share them on  your favorite “social networking” sites.  Also, we ask  that  you share    this with your personal e-mail list and in  bulletins and  newsletters.

Below is a “post” I put  up on the  Gospel Gleaner Facebook Page.   All are invited  to “join” this  group.

Gospel Gleaner Update: Since the “Gleaner” went “live” last Wed. I have been tracking some of the stats via “Google Analytics.” So, I thought I would share some of them with you for May 4th-8th, 2011.

We are averaging 36 ‘visitors” a day and 168 page views. We have had visitors from 23 US States, plus 9 other countries. The nine articles by our writers have been “viewed” from 8-45 times.

Note: since the “Gleaner” is within the Dover Church of Christ site, some of the stats may be from there, although I am trying to separate them for this report.

Thanks to all who write, all who are praying for us. We need to as Tim Hester said “Promote, Promote, Promote.”

We are asking that all of you continue to check the site as often as you can. Also, please take time to make comments on the articles. Also you can share the articles via Facebook and Twitter. Also, we ask that you share this with your e-mail list and mention it in your bulletins and newsletters.

Thanks again, we can make the “Gospel Gleaner” online a great resource for the Lord’s Church and help reach the lost and strengthen the saved.

-Larry Miles, Web Servant