Gospel Gleaner

For a number of years the Gospel Gleaner was in publication promoting the Lord’s Way. Of late, however, the publication ceased. It will soon begin again. Andy Erwin is the new editor of the publication. Scheduled resumption of the monthly periodical is January 2013. Below are a few things Andy said to some of us in an email in June:

  • Let me begin by saying how thankful I am that Bill Dillon has entrusted me with the stewardship of the Gospel Gleaner.  Let us not forget the remarkable work he did in editing this paper for nearly thirty years.  The Gleaner presently has a mailing list of approximately 8,000 issues, which makes it one of the most read papers in our brotherhood.  Thank you, Bill, and Godspeed.
  • The Gospel Gleaner will have the look and feel of an “old time” religious journal.  It will be readable, interesting, and present a wide variety to its subscribers.
  • The paper will become a monthly publication.  A yearly subscription of $10 will be charged.
  • The Gleaner will not be overseen by an eldership, but will be a private enterprise of brethren devoted to the purpose of Christian journalism.
  • Now let me introduce the new staff of the Gospel Gleaner.  Ron Bryant, Jim McGill, Jim Lewis,  Wayne Kilpatrick, Sam Hester, Guy Hester, Ron Thomas, Mike Kiser, Earnest Underwood, Grady Miller, Gerald Cowan, Roger Shepherd, Brandon Renfroe, Rod Rutherford, and Johnny Polk.
  • One last thing that I will ask of each of you is for your help in distributing the paper.  I am not asking that you peddle the paper, but that you spread the news in your home congregations, gospel meetings, etc.  Let’s get the word out there about what we are doing.

-Andy Erwin

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