I finally took some time to go to downtown San José this morning. I am very careful about how I travel, so I had some of my money in my front pocket with my IPhone, and some in a secret pocket. My backpack is the obvious target, so I only had my camera in one of the pockets, but nothing much else in the rest of it.

While walking down the Avenida Central, I noticed this good-looking guy watching me. Well, I know I am cute (not really!), but good-looking guys don´t look at old ladies! So I was instantly on the alert and aware that I might be a target.

Sure enough, as I was getting ready to go into a bookstore, I heard my pack zipper. I instantly pulled my pack around to the front, and caught this lady in the act! She turned up to a counter and acted like she was looking for something. There was a guard at the door, and I pointed to her and showed him my unzipped pack, but he just shook his head and grinned.  So we just stood there and watched her until finally she hurried away.

The moral of the story: be alert! for you don’t know at what hour the thief may come!