Grandbaby is wonderful

  • I held Eden Lynne, age 3 weeks, for the first time last night as we introduced ourselves. She calls me vovô. We have lots to talk about.
  • Trip updates on my blog, the latest: “The Bed of Hospitality.” No bed like my own, but if I can’t sleep there, this is a good one. Glad to welcome the Sherman Drive congregation in Denton TX and the Central church in Chandler OK as ministry partners. They join Eureka IL as the most recent congregations.
  • Have stayed several places with no Internet access or limited service. We’re finally in a spot, until tomorrow, that has wifi. Tomorrow, state #4, Alabama.
  • Lunched with son Micah yesterday in Jackson TN, supped with Joel, Tansy and Eden last night in Mt Juliet TN. Just haven’t seen Valerie yet. Tomorrow, Val.
  • Just now listened on iPreach to preachers Jason Moon of Chase Park church and Ron Williams of Lincoln congregation, in Huntsville, Ala., talk about the latter hosting the former while their new building was going up. Valerie grew up in the former, then Memorial Parkway, where she married son Micah, and where they now worship. Valerie’s dad Derek is the deacon in charge of the building process. Ron and his twin brother Don were in my class, and same dorm, at FHU.
  • Chris Gallagher posted my guest article about why I love the church on his website.
  • I wrote a short article on “5 Reasons Not to Blog” on my website. Negative approach, maybe still valid.
  • Stephen is getting up a committee to change the theme back to the old P2 group blog. I might join it. Seems we’ve had fewer posts since we went to the default theme. I’d like to hear more people comment on his post about this, especially from the Fellows. What say you?
  • Time to visit the grandkid again. I hear her calling me.

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