Grandma Bryant’s Poem Taken from the Book of James

Tonight I was reading my daily nine chapters in the New Testament when, once again, I was reminded of a poem Grandma Evie Lee Bryant quoted in school chapel as a little girl. My mother quoted it in school also. I have quoted it many times, and shared it with our children. It is old. I’ll share it with you with hopes you will help it live on.

The story is told of an old man who had gone to worship. His wife was confined to bed and unable to go. When he returned home, he went into her bedroom and said:

“Well, wife, I’ve been to church today,
And to a stylish one;
Being you couldn’t go from home,
I’ll tell you what was done.

The people were so finely dressed,
That they could hardly bow to pray;
And me, with these stiff clothes of mine,
All worn and torn, and almost worn out.

They took me to a seat,
Way back by the door,
All bookless and uncushioned,
A reserved seat for the poor.

But, pretty soon, in came a stranger,
With golden rings and clothes so fine;
They took him to a seat,
Far in advance of mine.

I didn’t think it was exactly right,
To seat him up so near;
When he was young, and I was old,
And very hard to hear.

Our heads are growing gray, dear wife;
Our hearts are beating slow.
But, when the Master calls for us,
Then we’ll have to go.

And when we reach those pearly gates,
All undefiled by sin;
We’ll see wealth waiting at that gate,
While poverty goes in.”

See James 2

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