Grateful for liberties, favorable religious climate, prosperity

In honor of our American brothers and sisters who frequent TFR, this week we sport a Fourth of July theme in the header. Our editor wrote this morning on Forthright Magazine about “How to Turn the U.S. Around: An Independence Day Reflection.”

Friends know that the Forthright/GoSpeak ministry is worldwide and does not push a special place for any nation in God’s plan of salvation. The church is his people. At the same time, on a practical plane, we’re grateful for the liberties, favorable religious climate, and material prosperity that make so many Kingdom efforts possible.

Last week, TFR posts and visits were down, due, no doubt, to the end of sessions for those indoctrination centers called schools, as well as those dangerous Bible camps starting up. Let’s look for a new bounce in the pace this week.

#gratitude, #independence-day