Grave robbing? – JAM

This is Just-a-minute with Ed Boggess. Eighteen-year-old Ronald Kramer of East Wenatchee, Washington, was arrested along with three friends after they got drunk, dug up a body in a cemetery, and took it to the home of a friend in the middle of the night as a joke. The body had been in the grave at least seventy years. I don’t know what the friend thought of their joke, but I can tell you what I think: their behavior is outrageous! It seems that with some folks nothing is sacred anymore and that as long as they get a buzz, it doesn’t matter who they hurt or offend. Some may merely pass it over as simple drunkenness, as if that deserves passing over. However, such conduct is so tasteless and tawdry that even inebriated, they should have had sense enough know better. But as long as Hollywood shapes our thinking, the vulgar and contemptible will be common.

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