Great Link to a Website full of Bible Teaching Resources

Here’s a link to a great resource for Bible charts that I didn’t previously know about. I had posted two or three of these charts here in TFR before without knowing where they came from simply because I got them in an email. The reason that I checked the site out is because someone had told me about the unfortunate passing of the site’s creator (Donnie Barnes) and the name “Barnes’ Bible Charts” rung a bell because of the name that was attached to the bottom right hand side of the charts that I had previously posted.

I thought some of you here in TRF might be interested in having this site saved as a favorite in your browser due to the vast (and I mean vast) number of topics that these charts cover. To me, the greatest way to remember this brother’s work would be to use it however it may be used to help others understand the word of God.

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