Who Is Greatest?

Tiger Woods may be the greatest natural golfer to ever play. Michael Jordan might be the greatest all around basketball player ever born. Human beings love to use superlatives. Things are great or they are awesome. There is “a great day coming,” yet I had a great day today. The two are not comparable, are they? We men like to compare things: cars, jobs, illnesses, appearances, etc. Our Lord does not use superlatives often. When He uses one, it is important to examine what he is saying.

In Luke 22:24-30, Jesus uses both the words, great and greatest. He used them in regard to the comparison by which men compare themselves to others. The disciples were arguing over who should be the ‘greatest’ in the kingdom. Jesus sets the criteria for making a judgment about greatness. The person who is great in the kingdom is the person who serves. Among humans, it is usually those with the most “clout” or power. But for God, therefore for us, let’s remember that it is service. Remember that our works follow us. Our works are our service.

Jesus came as a servant. We must never forget that if we are to “be like Him” we must serve. We must give our time to others, not expect them to give to us. We must expend our energy. We must do whatever lowly task is to be done. We must never tire of serving others. We must never give up being obedient. We must never lose compassion that moves us to help. We must never put ourselves first. Our God has been serving us since before creation as he works tirelessly, sacrificially and unendingly while there is time to save every human soul. As the recipients of His salvation and members of family of mankind, we must serve.

Make me a servant Lord, make me like you.

Mike Glenn

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