Greetings from Polishing The Pulpit

Hi There! We  arrived  here in  Sevierville, TN  yesterday for the Polishing The  Pulpit Workship.  There are  6 of  us  in a  time share  owned bt   one of  my fellow preachers  in  Louisville, KY

Having  a great time  so far–lots  of  good  speakers and  reources. We  heard B J Clarke speak  about “Hungering and Thirsting  after Righteousness.  Also  heard  part of 1 of “How Can we  get This Church  to Grow,” by  Gary Hampton, Director of  ETSPM.   They are  going to have this and other  messages  by instructors form  ETSPM on their  web site

I  met  a  few   folks   that  are on FB and TFR  and  other  forums, such as Travis Main from Cody, WY, Weylan Deaver, Jim Faughn.  Hope to meet some more.  The  exhibit  area  is  pretty  good with many  good resources. 

This  morning  went to session   led   by Wade Webster, of Southhaven, MS  This was  first in series  “New Testament Postcards.”  Bible  study of   Philemon; later ones  will be  on  2nd Jn, 3rd John and  Jude.  Then   heard  Part  2 of Gary Hampton’s lesson on “How Can we  get this  Church  to Grow.”  Lots of  practical   material in  his  2 sessions.

We are  back  at  Bud’s Time Share resting up– will go  over for the  530pm Congregational  Singing  and then 3  more  sessions.  More     about them later  2night   or   tomorrow.  I’m looking forward  to getting  some  practical  lessons  on how to help the  chruch  grow and  to help me in my  personal walk for the  Lord.