Guest Article: We Blew It by Ken Joines

Few in the denominational world seem to realize or even care about the damage done by division within the realm of “Christianity” when it comes to evangelism, but regardless of whether the ignorance is intentional or accidental, Ken Joines points out how the lack of unity on basic Bible principles can come at a great cost in the field of evangelism.

We Blew It by Ken Joines

   When I think of the thousands of Muslims who are now in the USA (more than 250,000 in Livonia, Michigan), I can’t help thinking what an opportunity this is for us to teach these people about Jesus and bring them into the body of Christ. We don’t have to travel to the Middle East; the mission field has come to us!

But, alas, this is not likely to happen for the very reason Jesus cited in John 17:20. He prayed, for His disciples to be united, to be one, “…so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” He is praying here for His people to be completely united so that out message will not be blurred or garbled. I can just see it now. A Muslim family visits an American church. They want to know how to become a Christian, to be saved. They are told, “Just believe…that’s all you have to do. Just believe and accept Jesus as Lord.” They visit another church where they are told, “You must be immersed into the death of Christ.” At the third church they visit they are told, “You don’t need to be immersed; sprinkling has been approved by our church.” On and on they go from church to church until they are thoroughly confused. They return to their mosque saying, “These so-called Christians are so mixed up you can’t tell which is which.” And they are right! We have so divided Christianity that we have lost our power. The restoration leaders were right in calling all men back to the Bible and to the unity for which Jesus died. But we wouldn’t listen.

Ken can be reached through the Goodman Oaks congregation in Southaven, Mississippi.

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