Guidance, Direction, and Correction

It’s not in man to walk, the Scripture says. If man can’t walk, how does he move about? He is generally carried along by the influences of evil. If it is not in man to know his way, how can he find the destination that his heart would (should) desire? He can’t. The soul of man desires more than that which this physical world presents. However, it is only in this physical world that man has a point of reference from which to move. The Lord, knowing this, sent to this earth His will, first revealed in the Law of Moses (which was a teacher for a small portion of humanity) and then revealed in His Son. The Son’s mission was to seek and save the lost. Since all men are lost, the Lord came to seek us out that we would be saved. Man can’t know the way, but Jesus knows the way for He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Jeremiah laments and recognizes that within man there is no capability to figure his way out of the throes of this earthly (satanic) clutch. He does, then, what any thoughtful, spiritual man would (should) do: he appeals to the Lord for guidance, direction, and correction.

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