E-book on the Christian and guns

I have a new Amazon Kindle E-book out on a pressing issue entitled: “The Christian and His Gun — The Biblical Perspective”

For those who are concerned about the treatment of the issue of may a Christian practice self-defense for himself and his family and how this reconciled with turning the other cheek (that is, when to turn the other check), this purports to be a balanced discussion of the same. … with our 2nd amendment being under attack in the USA, the issue of self defense when face with mindless violence of criminals causes this question to come to the forefront.

For those who do not own a Kindle on which to read the booklet, Amazon has a free program to download to read booklets on one’s computer.

The title is a low cost and can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B009AXXO92

I know this is a controversial issue but this is a Biblical look at the issues.

Thanks for considering,

Gary L. Grizzell

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