Ha! I totally missed the “how do you fa…

Ha! I totally missed the “how do you face Mondays” nudge, and now it is Tuesday. But, if I may be permitted a belated answer, I, like Don, face Mondays “head on.” I’d rather get right back to work Monday morning after preaching Sunday night so that I can take off Fridays. You need to get a sermon written on Monday.

The best job, of course, is preaching the gospel. And I’ve high hopes the best place I’ve ever worked is the one to which we’re about to move (cf. Ron’s treatment of the is-the-grass-greener question [if the grass were not greener–at least in appearance–I would not be moving]). A fellow could object that you can’t pick a place you’ve not actually lived yet. In that case, the place I am right now in Fort Worth has been a great job. One summer back in the 80’s, as a teenager, I got to mow Thomas B. Warren’s yard–that would rank high on the list.

As for Randal’s request for news, you won’t find this on Fox News, but yesterday Cheri and I drove to Denton to visit with the property inspector after he looked at the house we’re in process of buying. A few minor issues to deal with, but things are moving ahead and we should be living there, Lord willing, by the end of May.