Habits change: U.S. bottled water sales tops soda


Doctors, researchers, and health officials have been telling the public to cut back on soda consumption for years, and it appears that people have been listening. Soda no longer tops the list of Americans’ favorite beverages; it has been replaced by bottled water. —via Soda is No Longer America’s Favorite Beverage

Is it because doctors, researchers, and health officials have been warning about the dangers of soft drinks for years? Perhaps so. It’s hard to say. That they are bad for health is a no-brainer. A can of Coke has 9 teaspoons of sugar. That’s just for starters.

People change habits because they see dangers on the one hand and benefits on the other.

The dangers of perdition and the benefits of eternal life motivate some to repent of sins and live according to the will of God. His grace “trains us to reject godless ways and worldly desires and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age” Tt 2.12.

Not by force of our own will but by his strength we can change our habits and please God in all things as we reflect his holiness in our conduct. We have been given the Spirit of “power, love, and self-control” 2 Tim 1.7. We can do this, we can change our ways, because he will give us even the desire, Phil 2.12-13.

But we must want to want it.

Pray to see the headline that more people are repenting of their sins than those who remain in them, that more are turning to God than those who stubbornly continue in their rebellion. Pray that God uses us, his holy people, to that end.

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