Had a good weekend and looking for the first day to start the same way

I had a good weekend, hope you did too.

On Friday night we went to a singing in a neighboring county at the Morrison congregation (Do you ever attend any local singings?). According to the count there were 340 people there to join in on the teaching and admonishment via the song route. It had been a few years since I had gone to a singing and I thoroughly enjoyed it; even the new songs that were a bit tricky for this lay note reader. There was one brother there who was physically blind – but that didn’t keep him from leading a song entitled “Be Still My Soul” from his braille song book…there’s a thought for you. I had sung that song once before. It has an interesting sound.

On Saturday we went up to the Short Mountain Bible Camp to clean up the cabin that we sponsor. You can find it up on the mountain that’s between Smithville and Woodbury (for those of you who may have even the slightest familiarity with the geography around here). It amazes me how many ladybugs can find their way into a building every year! Thankfully we had a shop-vac. This is the third year that the congregation has been the cabin’s sponsor. All that basically means is that we’re responsible for the up keep – which has included adding lights to the closets, hanging new blinds and ruffly curtains (it’s a girls cabin), building new bunk-beds, adding a built-in bench to the porch, painting the ceiling and closets and recycled furniture, staying after wood gnawing bumblebees, and little bit of roof work (plus a few other little odds and ins). We still have a few things that can be done but thanks to the hard work of several brothers and sisters our little cabin is still sitting pretty and ready to be used for another camping season.

Today I’m aiming to start the week the way I ended the last one. I’m going to be preaching from John 9:8-28 about skeptics, deniers and plain old unbelievers…they’re nothing new, so stand strong in the Light of the world that’s opened your eyes! After we get home and I finish our/my regular Sunday afternoon routine I’m going to try to write-up a concise little story about the Spanish congregation that’s been started here in DeKalb county for Brotherhood News. New work is work and working is what the church ought to be doing one way or the other, right?

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