Happy Mother’s Day :: Is God’s way easy or hard?

Is faith easy or hard?Complicated it’s not, but the simple/complicated scale is a different one than the easy/hard continuum. You can look at it two ways (the righteous will barely be saved!), and Scripture does both, but we tend to weigh more on the hard side. In my Journey entry yesterday, I cited a verse on the easy end to balance the scales. It’s toward the end, so you’ll have to wade through some other musings to get there.

Mother’s Day. We wish a happy day for all our mothers. We’re grateful to God for their dedication and love. They bore much in our behalf, felt pain at our mistakes, endured trials for our progress. So we salute their sacrifices and dedication, especially when we unappreciative of their efforts.

And we salute our wives who have put up with our child-side and who have born our children and taken on the mission of motherhood. That it is a blessed state Paul reminds us:

“Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control” (1 Tim. 2:15 NET).

Being separated by distance is hard when your loved ones are alive. But I have yet to face the prospect, as some of you do, of being separated by death. We pray God will give you peace this day, also.

As well, there are those mothers who for some reason beyond the divine plan were not loving and motherly, and whose memory does not foster sentimentality or tenderness. To those who feel only pain this day, we pray God’s comfort and remind you of his promise to give you the gentleness of Christ and the love of the Spirit.

Whatever pain or loss or lack we suffer on earth, we have been given far beyond our capacity to measure in Christ. Which takes us back to the first point above. The way of the wicked is hard, but the path of the righteous, where abide love, peace, joy, and hope, is the easy row to hoe.

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