Happy servants

Rising Joy, Vicki Matheny

May the Lord your God be praised because he favored you by placing you on the throne of Israel! Because of the Lord’s eternal love for Israel, he made you king so you could make just and right decisions. 1 Kings 10.9

The queen of Sheba had heard about Solomon, the king of Israel. She decided to travel to Jerusalem to see for herself if what she had heard was true. As she posed her questions to Solomon, there was no question that was too difficult for him to answer. She was amazed at all that she saw in his palace. His servants were actually happy!

The result. She praised God! At the beginning of his reign, Solomon was just and made right decisions because of the wisdom that God had given him. It appears that as he grew older, he allowed his wives and concubines to pull him away from God.

We must stay alert to our spiritual health. It is important that we not lose our intensity as we grow older! Perhaps someone will look at our life and praise God for what they hear and see.

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