Has everything become sacred?

Perhaps you have heard the rhetorical question, “Is nothing sacred anymore?” Perhaps the question, in our modern religiously pluralistic yet atheistic society, should become, “Has everything become sacred?”

I recently read of the opening of a new dog park in which a “reverend” connected the following convocating statement to the canines’ little piece of heaven: “A celebration proclaiming this space sacred.”

Sacred? A sacred dog park? I know it has nothing to do with the context, and I’m not trying to wrest the scriptures … I’m simply asking another rhetorical question, but has anyone heard the admonition of not giving that which is holy to the dogs? Is this newly founded ground, which will be in sharp demand of sanitary shovels, really something that deserves veneration in the eyes of a community? Will they also drink “holy water” from blessed vessels?!

Is it still worth wondering why the western culture seems to have lost our ability to recognize the biblical principle of holiness when we have “reverend” people unashamedly calling animal parks hallowed places but ending a prayer “in Jesus’ name” is controversial?

#culture #holiness