Have I Got A Deal For You!

I’ve been out for a while. Though I’ve tried to read most of the posts, I ran short of time to write anything. Today I was rained out. I’m done running errands, so I’m relaxing now.

The good part? There are times, though not as many as some might think, when the farm has few demands. During those times I’m free to do any number of things. I particularly enjoy taking time to study and consider Scripture. I’ve also had opportunity to go on, even lead campaigns. Ron, Stephen, and I work with Exhibit Evangelism at the IL State Fair in August. Farming usually allows me to be there a number of the 12 working days. Many other jobs would not.

The bad aspects of my job. There are times work takes all my time. As Randal indicated, my job, grain farming, is not a 9 to 5. The most pressing time is fall. Still, most years, despite the push to get it done, it’s very satisfying work for any number of reasons.

Tasks are often repetitive, yet there’s always “the light at the end of the tunnel,” knowing you will soon finish with this job and move on to another. Hands on, working completely through from start to finish is quite gratifying–at least most years.

Clean up at the end of the season is not fun. The worst job is cleaning out the bottom of the legs. Grain legs are tall metal tubes housing cups on a belt that elevate the grain vertically. The grain in the bottom swells and rots with each rain until, well, it’s just hard to describe. Maybe each of you could take a turn visiting me after harvest and I could give you first hand experience in the clean up. Of course, this would take a number of years to work each of you through the process. Although teaching someone new each year has it’s difficulties, I’m a patience teacher. Only one stipulation–those who have already taken their turn can’t talk to the ones who haven’t yet. Whadda ya say? Deal?

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