Having a little celebration tonight at o…

Having a little celebration tonight at our home study group, plus another family or two perhaps. This Christmas, it’ll be quieter, just wife and daughter and me; first time ever the whole family won’t be together. Sons and daughters-in-law will spend holidays with family in the U.S. But we’re cool, knew it was coming sooner or later.

The rain has let up, but in its place scorching heat beats down upon us. Thermometer says 90F, but there’s no wind, and tropical sun just feels hotter than in the temperate climes. I nearly passed out walking back from lunch the 4-5 blocks to the office.

A Brazilian news service has “snow” falling on its website, like we have here, but it seems a bit out of sync with the weather. I always feel sorry for the Santas around here, all dressed up in those hot suits and beards, but most of them are in air-conditioned malls. Still …

But our Christmas tree is more alive than yours. The decorations hanging from its branches are swinging slightly from the downcurrent of the overhead fans.

So our angels may not fly, but they do gyrate. Is that acceptable?

Blessed Christmas to you and yours, from our family.

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