He could not subdue it

• Son #2 is doing his first wedding tomorrow, for his father-in-law. Asked me about wording on some parts, as we skyped tonight. I wasn’t sure, it’s been so long since I’ve done a wedding in English.

• Life is full of disappointments. A time to learn, a time to shrug the shoulders, a time to move on.

• Tolkien wrote in The Silmarillion that “Melkor hated the Sea, for he could not subdue it.” Would that we might hate our uncontrollable tongues! We seem however to love to wag them. Is it a principle that we hate what we cannot control?

• “The Lord cares deeply when his loved ones die” (Psa. 116.15 NLT). What a difference that truth makes to those who remain!

• On Quick Bible Truths, I wrote, “Man makes an idol. God makes a man.” There lies the difference.

Have a great evening, my friends!

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