He Sees Very Well

It is so easy for us to be caught up in the affairs of this life. We have been around long enough to understand this because, occasionally, we are guilty of it. Since this life is all that we know, when another comes along and tries to tell us about another life that we ought to live, there is a bit of reluctance on our part.

Those of us who identify ourselves as Christians try to balance family and commitment to God. We try to make a difference by being a stalwart for what is right; being positive, however, when so many are negative, and being an anchor when the boat wants to drift is not easy. Nevertheless, we go to events and participate, throwing our support behind it one hundred percent. This is done for the family.

The devoted Christian, on the other hand, throws himself onto the Lord and His cause. He is interested in the affairs of this life, but he is more interested in the Lord’s affairs. He has seen how there are many Christians who have been taken captive by Satan to divide their time and commitment, and he has seen them lose. What makes this especially sad is how the family take priority over the Lord.

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