He who speaks in a tongue

on speaking other languagesThe Missus and I started using an online Flashcard service to memorize our Bible verses for the 100 Days of Scripture. Of course, we’re doing it in Portuguese. You can start your own card set in English, if you like. Nifty service. (OK, so, yes, I forgot and created the name of it in English. One of the hazards of being bilingual.)

• Speaking of bilingual, you’ve probably heard me tell this joke, which I recalled after reading Alan Smith’s devotional yesterday. Goes like this. What do you call a person who speaks several languages? A polyglot. And a person who speaks two languages? Bilingual. And a person who speaks just one language? An American.

• Alan’s devotional, you ask? I’ll see if I still have it and post it. It’s not online that I can find. He does a great job on those. Recommended.

• Going to be a busy weekend. Tomorrow morning, I teach the three-hour advanced study on the Biblical model, part 3. Four friends of The Maiden are coming tomorrow and staying through Sunday, for her birthday. (She asked for a Portuguese/English bilingual Bible for her present.) I’m preaching Sunday at both SJCampos and Taubaté, a rare occurrence these days. Oh, and there’s the church bulletin to do still.

• GBN Program Director Jim Dearman was kind enough to send an article about Barry Gilreath to BNc, “The Dream of God.” Be sure to read it.

• Once upon a time there was a little poetry group called Christian Poets. It didn’t last long. I must have had too many irons in the fire to keep it going. Swapping out some poems with Rick K. recently has made me wish it was still active. It had the niftiest little forum, which I still am partial to.

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