Health update on Jimmie B. Hill

A lot has happened since my initial email requesting prayers for Jimmie. I have updated our blog – – with some of the additional biopsies, MRIs and CT Scans done in the last 3 weeks but it has been difficult to keep up. A very brief synopsis:

· The biopsies were not successful in obtaining any material from the nodules in Jimmie’s lungs, but they look like cancer from other tests so we are assuming that they are. This grades the cancer at stage 4 when found.

· After initial testing had surgeons hesitant about operating because the vena cava was already involved in the tumor, further testing determined it was not as far into the vena cava as expected so surgery has been scheduled for this coming Thursday, 11/17, at 4:00 pm.

The oncologist tells us this will be a difficult surgery and recovery so your continued prayers would be greatly appreciated. Also, prayers for the success of the chemo therapy that will begin a few weeks after surgery to fight the kidney cancer that spread to his lungs. Jimmie has lost a tremendous amount of weight and strength this summer, and is in considerable pain. The only way we are going to make it through this is with God’s help.

Linda Hill