Heart of Illinois Update

It’s been an interesting week here. We decided what we had done to complete the tillage we were unable to do last fall was insufficient. We went over it again with a different tool. It looks better now.

A lot of farmers had the same idea. As we were doing this the wind picked up (25 to 30 steady, gusts to 45 mph). Now corn shucks that we loosed by the tillage fill our ditches and farmsteads.

Before I could finish Thursday afternoon I was called to our preacher’s home. He had been suddenly hit by disorientation, trembling, and waves of nausea. We called the rescue squad. After taking his vitals they felt it was not a heart attack or stroke. Took him to the hospital. Got an I.V. in him. Determined he was severely dehydrated. A couple of bags of fluid and he’s upright again. We got him and his wife home a little after midnight the same night.

He does have something of an excuse. His doctor had placed him on a diuretic pill. That plus consuming only diuretic drinks, the caffeinated drinks of coffee and diet Coke put him over the edge.

This is the second time in a couple of years, someone close to me has been seriously affected by dehydration, primarily by drinking only diuretic drinks.

If this describes you, you must realize no amount of diuretic drinks can keep you hydrated. You lose those too fast. You must drink water! End of sermon.

My wife, Sharon, spoke at a ladies event at the Lakeside church of Christ, in Springfield, IL, last evening. It was well received. I hope she takes more opportunities to speak. She is very capable in that area.

We had the same storms last evening Ron had spoken of, but they had lost most of their punch by the time they got to us. We were glad to get a little rain. The rains have been well timed this spring.

We thank God for the opportunity and ability to work, for taking care of our friends in need, for talents and
talents shared and for providing sunshine and rain. I wish you all a blessed weekend!

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