Help someone else

I have a little card that says, "When you help someone else up a hill, you get closer to the top yourself." I believe that statement is true and when we apply it to our life, it makes a big difference in our own life and our relationship with others.

The principle of helping others is revealed so many times in the word of God. It is said about Jesus that He went about doing good. He gave sight to those who were blind; fed those who were hungry; healed those who were sick; multiplied the loaves and fishes and fed the multitudes; and He taught the masses of people how to live in a way that would please His father. Finally, He was led to the top of a hill Himself and His life was taken from Him on a cold and cruel cross so that you and I could be freed from the guilt of sin and shame and come to the top of that hill and receive redemption.

Jesus taught us by example and through His word the importance of helping others to reach the top of the hill, knowing that it would bring us closer to the top ourselves. Have you taken advantage of the opportunity to help someone else up the hill? Do you know someone who is down in the valley of sin and sorrow? Do you see in that person the blessing of lending a hand and helping he/she to come closer to the top of the hill? Aren’t we glad that we are not alone in this weary and sometimes cold, cruel, life? Are we happy that someone helped us up the hill? Why not help someone else reach the top today.

May God bless your life this week. In America we will celebrate a holiday this week that we call Thanksgiving. We will be with our and we will pause in the midst of the celebration and give thanks to God for all of His bountiful blessings. One of the things for which we will thank Him is the opportunity to work in Romania and love all of you so much.

With Much Love,

Ted & Barbara

If you know of others who might like to receive it, send us their address and we will add them.


I Corinthians 14:26, "Let all things be done unto edifying"

An E-Letter from Ted and Barbara Knight to EDIFY our Brothers and Sisters in Romania

November 22, 2012