Here, there, and back again

Our weekend and First Day with the Contagem church, to speak on the eldership, was a blessing to us, as I hope we were to them. We arrived home last night and are in a frenzy to get The Missus and The Maiden on the plane tomorrow night headed to the US. I will follow them next month.

• I hate doing this separation thing from The Missus. Remind me again why we did this.

• The Fellows have carried on swimmingly without me. So glad to see you doing such a good job. Site visits continue to be up, thanks to your united efforts.

• With all the electronic wizardry, it ought to be easier to get to your money when you need it. Not necessarily so, however. In one instance, with all the travel and leaving bills paid ahead of time, we’ve had to resort to … the U.S. Postal System. Now that’s a throwback if I’ve ever seen one.

• Now that she’s going to the US, the Maiden will need her SS card. It was in her file where it should have been. In pristine condition, still attached to the mailing form with which it was sent some 18-19 years ago. Too bad SS isn’t in as good a shape. (Is that considered a political statement?)

• Only a day or two ahead of my six-hour class on the eldership, I was informed that a projector was available. Not liking the PowerPoint style for what I had, I used a mind-mapping software called FreeMind that’s not actually for presentation, but it worked marvelously with its folding or expanding feature. I went with a screen capture for the projector.

• Reuters says more Americans are renouncing citizenship, because, in a word, the government is making life too complicated, especially when it comes to income taxes. Don’t I know it. And I don’t even earn enough to fall into the more complicated contortions of the better-off. Are there better options out there?

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