Hermeneutical gymnastics

I’ve just received in the mail Louis Rushmore’s book, No Hermeutical Gymnastics, Please! The Essentiality of Correct Biblical Interpretation (Winona, MS: J.C. Choate/Louis Rushmore Publications, 2009). Just so happens that on the back cover three of the five recommendations are by Fellows: Phil Sanders, Mark McWhorter and me. I wrote of the book:

The author deals with important topics like the New Testament as the Christian authority, the expression of that authority and the nature of the gospel. Application of the truths in this book will go far to keep the faithful in the Way of Christ.

There are 59 pages of text in the paperback. It provides a good overview of the dangers out there today by progressives and change agents and reviews the biblical nature of authority.

I like what he says here:

The impotence of a defective hermeneutic can be seen by to what it not only reduces divinely given, biblical instruction, but by what it does to the vehicle of communication in general. For instance, the assertion that Bible authority relates only to commands or direct statements is false because it erroneously supposes that approved examples and implications from which one must make inferences are not part of human communication (p. 31).

Ask Louis about purchases.

UPDATE: Louis says the book goes for $6.

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