Hmmm, Exodus and Moses? Where could I read about that?

Maybe it goes without saying? Maybe not. I don’t know. Then again, maybe I do.

In a recent interview with Christian Bale (who plays Moses in the movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings” which is set to be released in December of 2014), that was conducted after an early viewing of the upcoming holiday film for the media, the actor was asked, to one extent or another, about his knowledge of the person he set out to portray on the big-screen. The answer was surprising, or maybe not. You decide. Here’s the given paragraph from the interview that describes what I’m talking about:

After the footage, Dave Karger of Fandango conducted a Q&A with Bale, who said his knowledge of Moses was minimal, so he read up extensively, studying everything from “Moses: A Life,” by Jonathan Kirsch, to the Koran. He described Moses as “A troubled and tumultuous man, very mercurial,” but said God is also mercurial, with “a God of good and evil,” with no mention of the devil or even the afterlife.

Let’s see. I’m playing in a movie called Exodus. And I’m playing a person called Moses. Now where would I go to read and learn about a situation and a person like that? Hmmm?

I suppose “everything” would include studying the biblical account, but then again there are people every day who go to every other source than the Bible itself to find out about biblical matters. I mean because come on, we wouldn’t want the scriptures to get in the way of the script would we?

I haven’t seen any previews, and I don’t plan on seeing the movie, but I’d say the “new version” of the ole’ Ten Commandments will fall in line with Hollywood’s version of the recent film “Noah” – more emphasis on entertainment and next to zero emphasis on education. Remember, there’s a world of difference between “biblically inspired” and biblically based.

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