Holding a newborn baby

Have you held a newborn baby lately

In your arms so gentle and safe?

Have you heard the little sigh it makes

in the security of your embrace?


Have you smelled the precious baby

as you lean down to kiss its little face?

Did you feel its little stretch

as it snuggled in place?


A soul was brought into your world,

A soul which God placed in your care.

From the moment of its conception,

God knew the number of its hairs.


God has plans for each little soul

In His Holy Word we are told;

He chose you to love and nurture it

Directing it to the city of Gold.


Now it is your responsibility

to love and care for your own.

To nurture and direct it daily

to its final heavenly home.


Jesus said, “let the little children come unto Me”

in the Good book we are told.

You were chosen especially by God

for this blessing so great and bold.


So hold your newborn baby

in your arms so gentle and safe.

Listen to the little sigh it makes

in the security of your embrace.


Love your precious baby

God’s special gift to you.

Thank Him every day;

And to Him be forever true.

                                                                                             – Glenda Williams Williams

#babies #bulletin poem #thankful