The home of the brave

Read the entire article about these American military veterans who received the Medal of Honor. Their stories are inspiring, even though one may not be a militarist or fan of war.

Such stories recall the courage needed by the inducted soldiers in the Kingdom of God. “Stay alert, stand firm in the faith, show courage, be strong” 1 Cor 16.13. You may know some spiritual warriors who show these traits. Under the fire of the enemy, they are not ashamed of their Lord, Lk 9.26.

The author of the article cited above claims that brave soldiers have become strangers in our midst. No doubt, such estrangement is true as well of the church, which ought to be called the home of the brave. Many, also, look upon Christ’s workers who sacrifice themselves in the trenches as victims rather than heroic warriors.

Now and again we hear comments of admiration for our sacrifices for the cause of Christ. But is that not what we all are supposed to be doing? If we want to know why the church in some places is dying, look no further than here, where people in their comfort do an imagined minimum of effort, where sacrifice is thought to be thrice-weekly attendance, where a pittance in the collection plate salves the conscience for seven days.

Christians could do worse things on this American holiday than remember and thank God for those godly men and women who gave their lives for the gospel and sacrificed deeply that many might hear the news of salvation. And imitate their faith.

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